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The Hualien Terminal is divided into three floor levels and a basement level.

Floor plan of the 1st Floor. The main facilities include the Car Rental Counter at the entrance, the Tourist Service Center in the left, a nursing room and a Press Room in the right, and the Baggage Claim Area at the back. The entry ramp, elevators and tactile tiles are all designed to meet the needs of the visually impaired according to the Disability Access Standards.


Floor plan of the 2nd Floor. The main facilities include: A service counter is located at the entrance; ATMs, a First Aid station, restrooms, and a nursing room are in the left. Airline company counters, gift shops and insurance agents are in the right. There is also a food court in the open area. To the back are the security inspection area and the waiting hall.


Floor plan of the 3rd Floor. The main facilities include the offices for the airport officials and a central control center.


Floor plan of the B1 car park. The main facilities include 347 car parking spaces, 90 motorcycle parking spaces, and 8 disabled parking spaces.

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