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Airport Service
* B1 : Parking lots, baggage handling and airline ground handling offices, machine rooms. The surrounding green landscape and emergency escape ladders make the parking area a safe & bright place.
* 1F : Arrival greeting hall, baggage claim, café, and a 2-story high waterfall. The 2-story high waterfall next to the coffee plaza and departure hall creates a cool and pleasant atmosphere.
* 2F : Departure Hall, check-in counters, waiting lounges, and 4 boarding gates. Main exit for passengers, check-in counters and office spaces for airline companies. Inside the waiting lobby are 4 boarding gates used for both domestic and international flights.
* 3F : Airport offices , conference, exhibition, and central control rooms.

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Latest Update : 2019-06-19
Visitors : 2579617
Address : Airport No.1, Chia-Li Village , Hsin-Cheng Township , Hualien ,Taiwan 97144, R.O.C
Information desk telephone : 03-8210768 Fax : 03-8210730 Service time: 07:00 ~ 21:30
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