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Privacy & Security Policy
Privacy & Security Policy
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Dear web users, Thank you for visiting the tourism informational website of the Hualien Airport at http://www.hulairport.gov.tw. The Hualien Airport website greatly values and respects the privacy of its users. In order to assist your understanding of how The Hualien Airport website collects, applies, and protects your personal information, please view the privacy protection policy of The Hualien Airport website carefully. As you use this website and the services provided by its extended service website, our policies will help you to understand the principles involved as we collect, apply, and protect your personal information.

Scope of Application
The privacy protection policy mentioned below applies to your use of The Hualien Airport website and its extended service website (based on the www.hulairport.gov.tw web domain), any of your personal information that has been gathered, and its application and protection. However, it does not apply to your use of any other websites linked to The Hualien Airport website. When you use these other websites, the protection and application of your personal information is conducted in accordance with their own individual privacy protection policies. Method of Gathering Personal Information:

Method of Gathering Personal Information
The Hualien Airport website collects personal information about its web users through the following channels:

Examination of Online Activities and Internet Surveys:
As you use The Hualien Airport website, you may be asked to provide personal information such as your full name, ID card number, phone number, e-mail, residential address, etc. Some on-line activities may require becoming a member before being allowed to participate. You may be taking part in prize-drawings, competitions, or promotional activities sponsored by other websites or organizations, conducted through the advertising channels linked to The Hualien Airport website. Regarding the personal information that you provide these organizations or linked websites, each has their own privacy protection policy, and their information-handling measures do not apply to this website’s privacy protection policy. The Hualien Airport website does not accept responsibility for external links to this website.

E-Paper Subscriptions:
If you desire to have informational services sent to your e-mail address from The Hualien Airport website, you will be required to correctly fill in basic information, including your e-mail address, gender, etc., in order to ensure that you can receive the information needed. Due to task requirements, The Hualien Airport website will hold onto the information that you have entered, and will provide services allowing you to cancel your subscription or make amends.

Ordinary Web-surfing:
The Hualien Airport website will hold onto information concerning web users as they browse the website or seek information from the website. The related log information generated by the server will include the user’s online IP address, time logged-in, browser used, browsing and clicking information log, etc. The information provided by the browser on individual web users is used by The Hualien Airport website to acquire information from the web pages surfed on this website. Unless you wish to provide us with your personal information, The Hualien Airport website will not, and indeed, cannot, match your personal information with the logged information.

Besides voluntarily providing personal information while logged onto this website, you might also have occasion to provide individual departments on The Hualien Airport website with personal information, such as your e-mail, full name, etc. This kind of information provision is not covered by the privacy protection policy of The Hualien Airport website. In addition, if you correspond with us, or respond to us through other channels of communication, The Hualien Airport website will store and record this communication.

Use and Policies Concerning Cookies
In order to provide a personalized service, The Hualien Airport website will sometimes use Cookies technology to store, and on certain occasions, trace web user information. Cookies are concise data sent from websites to browsers, and stored on the users’ computer hard drives. Web users can use Netscape’s “Advanced” function, found under “Function Options”, or IE’s “Privacy” function, found under “Internet Options” to adjust the browser’s Cookie-acceptance level. This includes acceptance of all Cookies, notification of when Cookies are set, rejection of all Cookies, etc. If you choose to reject all Cookies, some of the personalized services or participatory activities may not be available. In general, we will write and read the Cookies of the web user’s browsers under the following circumstances:

In order to provide a better, more personalized service:
For your own convenience, as you participate in personalized interactivity, Cookies will be set up when you register or log on, and will be modified when you log off.

To calculate the number of browsers and analyze their browsing patterns:
This is in order to understand how the web pages are browsed, and is used as a basis for future improvements.

Circumstances involving tracing users who have clicked advertisements or taken part in promotional activities:
In the process of sending e-papers or participating in a promotional activity sponsored by the website, Cookies information will be written to trace the entire activity process, including the user’ s participation-level, and related data.

Use of Personal Information
The Hualien Airport website will not sell, lease or arbitrarily exchange any of your personal information to other organizations or individuals. The Hualien Airport website will only provide your personal information to a third party under the following circumstances, and in accordance with the following principles:

Online Activities or Web Surveys:
The Hualien Airport website will collect interviewees’ names and ID card numbers for prize-drawing activities only. Information such as interviewees’ telephone numbers, e-mail, and residential address will only be used to inform the users concerning prize-drawing results, and for analysis purposes. This information will not be used for any other purpose. Other information will only be used for the purpose of service analysis and academic research. Unless the interviewees give their consent, all information will be used for analysis purposes only. The Hualien Airport website will not use this information for any other purpose.

Statistics and Analysis:
The Hualien Airport website will use the users’ registration, survey results, promotional activities, or servers’ logs to conduct internal or authorized academic research on the number of users, and their interests and behaviors. This research is based on analysis and summary of information provided by the web users as a whole, and all public information or analysis reports will reflect the overall behavior of users. We will not provide an analytical report on information provided by any particular individual.

Information Concerning our Privacy Protection Policy
The Hualien Airport website will amend this policy at non-specified times, in order to comply with the latest privacy protection standards. When major amendments are made to the regulations concerning the use of personal information, we will make an announcement on the webpage to inform you of matters relating to these amendments.

Amendments to our Privacy Protection Policy
If you have any questions concerning our privacy protection policy, or the collection, use, and updating of personal information, please write directly to our suggestion box.

Security Policy

Internet Safety Protection Measures
1. We use an Internet intrusion detection system to detect any unauthorized persons attempting to upload or amend webpage information or create intentional destruction. 2. We have installed a firewall to prevent illegal intrusion as well as the destruction and theft of information. This is to avoid illegal website use and guarantee the web users’ rights. 3. We have set up an anti-virus system, which regularly checks for viruses. This is to provide the user with a more secure browsing environment. 4. We periodically and otherwise, simulate hacker attacks to drill the system’s response procedures in the event of any incidents. 5. We periodically and otherwise, download and promptly update vendor-announced recovery programs aimed at system vulnerabilities, in order to prevent attacks and ensure website security.

Privacy Rights Protection Measures
Despite the fact that the Hualien Airport website strives to protect the personal information and safety of its users, transmitting information via the Internet is not one-hundred percent safe, and thus, under some circumstances, we will use a standard SSL maintenance system to ensure that information is safely transmitted. Due to the fact that the process of information transmission involves your own online safety maintenance, and that we cannot ensure or guarantee the safety of our users when transmitting information to our website or receiving information from our website, it is up to the web users to observe and take responsibility for the risks involved in transmitting information via the Internet.

Web users who voluntarily post personal information on the website, for example, by leaving a personal email address, full name, etc. on public forums, may be subject to having this information collected and used by others. If you are concerned about this, please do not enter this information online. If you leave such personal information online, you are at risk of receiving advertisements and junk mail from other organizations. Please understand that these circumstances are out of the control of the Hualien Airport website and we are not responsible for any consequences arising from such situations.

Please ensure the proper safekeeping of your password and any other personal information. Do not give out any personal information, especially your password, to anyone else. After completing any on-line transactions, viewing e-mails, maintaining files, etc. remember to log off. If you are using a shared or public computer, remember to close all browsers, in order to prevent others from reading your personal information and mail or accessing member-only areas.

Please Note the Following when Using Materials from this Website
The copyright of all information provided the Hualien Airport website (including both graphic and written materials) belongs to our administration (with the exception of other websites linked to ours). If you wish to use any material from the Hualien Airport website or to link our website to any webpage, please first write or e-mail our service mailbox or director’s mailbox for our permission before proceeding.

Amendments to our Information Security Protection Policy
The Hualien Airport website will amend this policy at non-specified times, in order to comply with the latest information security policy standards. When major amendments are made to the regulations concerning our information security policy, we will make an online announcement to inform you of matters relating to these amendments. If you have any questions concerning our information security policy, please write directly to our suggestion box.

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