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In accordance with the government's plan to develop the eastern area and domestic air transportation, the Civil Aeronautics Administration founded Hualien Airport on May 16, 1962 . It is a type B airport for domestic flights.

On April 27, 2001 , it was officially approved by the Executive Yuan that Japanese chartered planes would take off and land at this airport. It was the first time that type B airport was allowed by the Civil Aeronautics Administration to provide international service.

The opening ceremony for the New Hualien Airport Terminal Building was held on March 18, 2004 , and the terminal was put into operation officially on March 19. The design of the New Hualien Terminal Building is a combination of Aboriginal housing features with Chinese courtyard housing images; it is filled with a light and relaxing atmosphere. The New Terminal Building looks like a gigantic bird spanning its wings to fly high into the sky, symbolizing new hope for the booming and vigorous development of all industries and the economy in the Hualien Area. It has also become a landmark in the Western Pacific Coast.

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